Friday, November 6, 2015

Week 5

This week was so weird. For the most part of the week, I totally forgot that I was pregnant. With no symptoms, no real life changes, it didn't really feel like there was anything different happening.

I went to the doctor on Friday afternoon to get my first checkup and get some advice on some sharp shooting pains I'd been having in my lower left abdomen. The appointment in general was pretty boring, a second urine test confirming my pregnancy (which was a good thing, I was beginning to think I made the whole thing up) and then sent me off for a round of bloods. He was a little concerned about the pain, but think that it's something to do with a cyst that the baby is sitting on (or something along those lines). A big relief- nothing to worry about.

Then, after a really uneventful week, today hit (5 weeks + 1 Day) and i'm nauseated, headachy, emotional. My breasts are MASSIVE and sensitive (overshare). My belly has also gotten a little rounder and it's already so much harder to hide- I think a few discerning people have their suspicions.

As awful as morning sickness is (which we have nicknamed 'love sickness'- trying to be cutesy), it's nice to have something to remind me of the new little guy we have growing in my belly.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Stuck in the real world

If you've checked my blog recently, you might think that I never returned from holidays three months ago (gosh, wouldn't that be lovely!).

I've thought about my blog so many times over the last three months, constantly thinking 'Oh, I can't wait to blog that!' and writing posts in my head- posts that obviously never made it across to you.

It's been a huge three months, and I wouldn't even know where to begin.

This isn't a come back post. I've got some ideas floating around for a completely new bloggy direction and unfortunately none of them involve taking this little Mummy blog along with it. It's been a fantastic three years, and I really do love having a record of my life in this way, but it's not bringing me the same happiness it used to.

And life is too short to keep doing things that don't make you happy.

Thanks for sticking around for the journey- and I'll be back, eventually, and possibly with sequins.


Monday, July 9, 2012

When planning a holiday is almost as good as having one

Sometimes, even just planning a holiday is relaxing.

We've booked in for two nights in this place- set in the gorgeous Sunshine Coast hinterlands, complete with a fireplace and a spa, hiking paths and a massage afterwards. It's blissful.

With only a few more weeks to go before our giant Navy adventure begins, some time away is exactly what the Dr ordered. I'm so excited to do it here.

Everytime I get stressed, I just close my eyes and think about the weekend away. About how we are going to be without phone reception and internet connection, so I'll actually have time to finish the five books I've got going. About spending a total 48 hours of uninterrupted time with my husband- and without little people who need things constantly. It's even just about finding some head space to process and deal with the huge changes coming up in our lives.

So even though we are not going away for another three weeks yet, I'm already shifting into holiday mode. Wine, anyone?

Saturday, July 7, 2012

A day in the life of a paleo eater

After my post on eating Paleo, I had a question about what a typical food day for a paleo eater looks like. I love the idea of sharing with you what a typical day for me looks like!


For the kids: egg. Egg is easy and the kids love it and it's completely paleo. If we have sausages pre-cooked in the fridge, I might add a sausage onto their plates as well.

For me: No breakfast. I don't like eating breakfast, I never have. Whenever I've eaten breakfast with any regularity, I get fatter and feel gross. I stick with the theory of intermittent fasting and choose to skip this meal.

10:00am- MORNING TEA

For everyone: Fruit. I find if I cut it up, it gets eaten more. We normally have apples & pears. If we have almond butter, we smear a bit of that on our apple slices.

For me: Coffee/Tea. With honey to sweeten, not sugar.

12:00am- LUNCH

For everyone: Leftovers. We normally have a heap of dinner leftovers floating around, and these get eaten for lunch. Sometimes I go to the effort to remake them (for example, slicing the chicken breast and making it into a salad), but most days it's just take out of fridge, reheat. If we don't have leftovers, I've always got tins of tuna in the pantry that I can pullout and make tuna salad with.


For everyone: Fruit. Again.

6.00pm- DINNER

For everyone: Some kind of meat/vegetable option. Think steak & vegetables, or hamburgers without the bun, or roast pork on a bed of mashed sweet potato.

8.00pm DESSERT

For me: We rarely give the kids dessert. Mostly because they don't ask for it and I like to shepherd them into bed as soon as possible. For the adults though, we normally have some nuts and a few slices of dark (as dark as possible, 85% is good) chocolate. Or if we are in the mood to cook, some kind of baked fruit with cream.

Now, the thing to remember here is that the things we eat won't work for everyone. Some people really stick to a strict 'No Sugar' diet which includes fruit. We eat a lot of fruit. We are also okay with dairy, which some paleo eaters are not. Overall, I tend to be a bit more relaxed on the paleo front than most paleo eaters (including my husband, who limits his fruit & dairy intake). This is because I have to convince my kids to eat, and at the end of the day a piece of fruit is better than a biscuit, and less frustrating than making a perfectly healthy 'paleo' meal that they take two bites of and throw on the floor.

It's simpler than it sounds, really. Just cut out grains & processed foods. If you couldn't go out into the wild and pick/kill it, then don't eat it. Eat all your normal foods, just take out the grains. Having spaghetti Bolognese? Skip the spaghetti. Burgers? Skip the bun. At first it feels a little weird- we had a lot of meals that we ate thinking 'Wow, a slice of bread would go so well with this!' but now it's not something we think twice about. If you start feeling adventurous, there are all kinds of paleo alternatives for traditional meals- like the one for the paleo cauliflower pizza crust I shared a few weeks past.

Now, all this talk about food has made me hungry! I'm off to forage in the pantry.

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Fark it's cold!

I just can't get warm this winter.

I love winter. I really, really do. I much prefer to be cold and snuggle up than to be stinking hot and sweaty. So while everyone else groans about the cold weather, I'm in my element. Not this year. I don't know if it's the recent weight loss or our new house, but I'm freezing constantly. It takes me forever to warm up, and then seems like I'm warm for about ten minutes and start getting cold again.

I'm just recovering from a particularly bad flu/cough bout and have been spending lots of time resting and eating bad food. Which is a bad habit to get into, because now I'm not sick but I'm very used to sitting still and ingesting food. Nice, warm food, hidden under a big fat blanket with either Hoarders or Dexter on the television.

I'm currently surfing around on the internet looking at holiday getaways. I really want to spend some alone time with my husband before he leaves for three months- hell, some time away from the kids before he goes. I haven't been away from baby Guy for more than about five hours since he was born almost twelve months ago. I love my kids and they bring my life unspeakable joy, but I need a BREAK, in a serious way. I'm keenly eyeing off 'child free' accommodation with fireplaces and spa's- a good soak in a spa followed by a glass of wine and a book in front of a fire- well, that sounds like bliss to me.

I'm keenly aware that we are running out of time. Operation Navy starts in less than four weeks, and in that time we have so much to do- baby Guy's first birthday (yes, I should start organising a first birthday party soon, right?). A going away party. A weekend away. A week off work. As much quality time as humanly possible, but also paperwork and meal plans and uni and work and gosh, I rival you to have a to-do list bigger than mine at the moment.

The one thing I'm grateful for? Is that we won't be heading down to Melbourne until summer. Because this Queensland girl can't take it any colder than this!
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